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Regular Life Insurance

Many growing families need enough life insurance to cover the mortgage, pay off the cars, provide a college fund, and provide enough money for living expenses for many years. A sound insurance plan may consist of a $500,000, 20 year policy as the solution to provide for your young children, wife, and bills until the children are established on their own. However, you may also need a $100,000 guaranteed Universal Life to pay for estate taxes and to pay for your final expenses. The only affordable option is to be fully underwritten for an insurance plan with the best premium for your growing family.

We have two responsibilities:

1. Determine your family's needs

2. Make it fit within your budget

We will help you determine what you already provide for your family in a needs assessment. We then replace that if the need arises. After all, that is why we go to work every day.

To make it fit within your budget, we then go to the marketplace and find you the best rate possible. Each individual has unique characteristics. While one person may have a family history of heart disease, another person may have traits for high blood pressure. Knowing which insurance company is best for you is our job.

You provide for your family and we insure them


Fully Underwritten Plan